CSEAPS Lifetime Achievement Award

This award, instituted in 2008 at the Centre for Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, will be given on annual basis specifically to the scholars across the world in recognition and appreciation of their splendid contribution to the growth and development of Area Studies.

This will be award on special occasions such as the International Conferences organized by the Centre. The awardee will be expected to deliver Keynote address on special occasions like International Conferences followed by the Award Presentation Ceremony.

This award does not carry any financial benefits but the awardee will be presented a memento, a citation and a certificate duly signed by the Director of the Centre.

Application Procedure

There is no deadline to apply for this award. Any competent scholar from the discipline of Area Studies or any sister discipline can apply for this award. Along with the cover letter his/her CV (soft copy) may be sent to director.cseaps@gmail.com