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Guidelines to Writers

Area Studies: A Journal of International Studies and Analyses, a bi-annual, is the flagship publication of the Centre for Southeast Asian and Pacific Studies.  The Journal encompasses research papers on various aspects of International affairs including economic, political, security and strategic issues, besides commentaries, book reviews and major events of the Area Studies Centres in India.  It aims at broadening the frontiers of knowledge of developments in various areas of the world.  Being analytical in nature the Journal enthralls policy planners, administrators, members of Parliament, students and research communities besides the general reading public. As a rule the Journal does not entertain manuscripts which have already been published or are in the process of publication elsewhere.  Uniformity and consistency in the style and format demand the observance of the below mentioned guidelines by the paper writers:

  • Written in English, manuscripts should be double spaced,
  • Full-length paper limiting to 3000 – 4500 words and Abstracts restricted to 250-300 words should be e-mailed.  In case of CD a hard copy needs to be sent.
  • It is desirable that manuscript file size is limited to 1 MB
  • The full length paper font shall be in Times New Roman and font size is 12 and that of the title of the paper is 14.
  • Key words or phrases not exceeding 6 may be provided.
  • Notes should be numbered consecutively, superscribed in the text and attached at the end of the research paper.

  • --The manuscript should contain: Title, name/names of Author/Authors; Address/addresses of the author/authors; Abstract; Introduction, Main body with subdivisions and subheadings; conclusions; Acknowledgements if any and references in alphabetical order.

    --Figures, Graphs, Charts and Tables need to be consecutively numbered.

    --Brief captions find place at the top of the illustration and explanatory notes may be given at the bottom of the illustration.

    References cited should contain name of the author, year of publication, title of the paper and the title of the journal followed by volume, number and page number. Ex
    1. Sunilkumar Singh  (2003), “Bangladesh Education System”, Education Watch of India, Vol.1, Pp.19-25.

    2. With two or more authors

    Robert O Keohane and Lisa L. Martin (1995), “The promise of International Institutions”, International Security, Vol.20, No.1, Pp.40-52.

    K. Raja Reddy (2013), “India-Vietnam Relations: Enhanced Cooperation in IT, Science and Technology”, In  Rajiv K. Bhatia, Vijay Shakuja & Vikash Ranjan (eds.), India-Vietnam: Agenda for Strengthening Partnership, SHIRPA Publications, New Delhi, Pp.165-176.



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