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Ever since Area Studies Programme was launched in Indian universities by the University Grants Commission in late sixties, its contours had begun expanding with a remarkable momentum, beyond expectations. The two obvious factors which have radically transformed the world system- bipolar breakdown and globlisation – effected certain changes that went a long way to broaden the scope of Area Studies. The enlarged meaning and the extended frontiers of international region under the spell of these twin global phenomena, tended to challenge the very concept of Area and although an increasing number of areas have emerged on the breakup of Cold War system. What characterizes the contemporary Area, seems to be its flexibility and exclusiveness simultaneously. Unlike in the past, the scope and borders of today’s Area are constantly being challenged by cross-border and trans-national forces. To put is precisely, the non-State actors have as much exerted their influence towards the determining of the contours and dynamics of an Area, as the State actors. Consequently, the task of an Area studies researcher has become rather tough and demanding. While Area Study scholars hitherto, were essentially concerned with the analyses of inter-state relations, historical and cultural bonds of the states concerned in a given Area, the research agenda of an Area Study scholar today, is bewilderingly widened by the complexity of a vast gamut of factors. Familiar lists of such intricate factors include terrorism, energy security, non-traditional threats to security, regional economic cooperation and tourism. The dimensions of Area Studies have also increased in recent years. In response to the challenging global changes, the UGC has established new Area Study Centres in several universities to the extent that the strength and character of today’s Area Studies Programme (ASP), have changed. The intellectual demand on the ASP scholars is more formidable now than in the past. However, with few exceptions of the obiter dicta of the erudite ones in the field, only sporadically present, there has not been a single professional journal that can cater to the research needs of the growing ASP community in the country. Realizing the dire need for such a publication, the Centre for Southeast Asian & Pacific Studies of Sri Venkateswara University, one of the oldest Area Studies Centres in the country, having conceived the idea of starting a journal on Area Studies has now mustered courage to get it published biannually.  This journal is intended to serve as the flagship of ASP in the country.
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